Canberra Blocked Drains are Canberra’s specialists when it comes to clearing and replacing sewer and stormwater systems.

We have many years’ experience clearing blocked drains in Canberra and it is this experience along with our advanced equipment and same day service that sets us apart from the rest. We understand when the blockage is in Icon Water’s sewer pipes often meaning the cost of clearing your drain is covered by someone else.

Has another plumber told you your drain needs to be dug up? If you have paid another tradesman to clear your blocked sewer drain and they have been unsuccessful giving you advice that the drain requires expensive excavation and replacement of pipes why not give us a go. We are so confident that we will clear your blocked drain that if we can’t we will give you 50% off your total invoice and a free quote on excavation work. Note – This offer only applies to blocked sewer drains for Canberra residence when another licensed plumber’s invoice can be shown. Blocked stormwater is not covered.

Our Services

Jet Rodding – Canberra Blocked Drains have one of the most advanced Jet Rodder’s in Canberra that puts out a huge 31 litres per minute at 4500psi. Our Sewer Jet can clear 99.9% of tree roots from within your pipes, meaning a lot more time between visits. The additional power our sewer jet rodder has also reduces the time that it takes to clear a blocked drain saving you money on labour costs.

Electric Eels – There are some jobs where a jet rodder just is not suitable for one reason or another, and in these case’s we have a two highly maintained electric eels that will get the job done. We pride our self’s on the fact that in the last 5 years of running our business we have never snapped an eel cable in a drain that would lead to a costly digup. Our eel cables are checked for faults every use and disposed of when they show even a slight bit of wear and tear.

Sewer Camera – Using our hi-tech sewer camera we can inspect all of your drains and pin point any faults you have in the pipes including a depth reading. This information can save you thousands as a permanent repair may be a smaller job than otherwise thought.

Root Foaming – We use an advanced root foaming herbicide treatment that is accepted by the EPA and guaranteed not harm plants and trees. Sewer Root foaming guarantees that you will not have a blockage within 12 months saving you the hassell of unplanned plumbing visits, prevents exspensive weekend rates, prevents mess and prevents the treeroots from doing further damage to your pipes. If your drain does re-block within 12 months we will clear your drain with an eel or jet rodder and inspect with our camera at no additional cost, includes 1.5 hour of labour max and does not cover collapsed of broken pipes.

Pipe Replacement and Repairs – Sick of drain cleaning and want a permanent solution. We can digup and replace your old drains using high quality DWV PVC pipe.

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